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The Doctor Is In – Part 5

Kewpie: They look like they are wrapping up. Are you sure you want me to go before you?

Brunette: Yeah, I don’t know if I can afford to see her regularly like Red does.

Kewpie: Yeah, I have thought of that too. But just think how lucky we are to have the chance to see her!

Brunette: What do you mean?

Kewpie: If we were in this situation as humans we would have to be making sure she takes our health insurance. Or if we were human and had no health insurance we probably would not even have an opportunity like this at all!

Brunette: Gosh! You’re right! We really are lucky, both to be able to see her when we need to, and to be toys instead of human beings!

Kewpie: Absolutely! So many reasons to be grateful!


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